It is REALLY hard to take a macro picture of your own iris.

I’ve seen some really killer photos that people have taken of other peoples’ irises and wanted to give it a try. Given that (1) I’m still learning flash and macro techniques and didn’t want a model to have to sit here and wait around while I work out exposure and (2) it’s 10:30 on a Tuesday night and I’m sitting here by myself anyway, I figured I’d just take pictures of my own baby browns. As it turns out, the hardest thing is trying to get the focus right, seeing as how I can’t exactly look through the viewfinder, in addition to the fact that sufficient depth of field/accurate focus are constant problems for macro shooters. I also tried doing remote live-view shooting through my computer but for various reasons, it didn’t really work. I shot probably a hundred trial-and-error frames; my results aren’t quite as good as the pros, but I wanted to post them up anyway with the stipulation that I could probably have better pictures if I was taking pictures of someone. Anyway, enough excuses, onto the pictureImage.

For those interested in the nerdy, technical side of all this, here’s a quick rundown of EXIF stuff.

tripod mounted Canon T1i, Canon 50mm f/1.8 II lens, set of Kenko extension tubes, Canon 430 EX II flash at 1/8 power firing into a DIY Photography ring light, cheapo flash stand, cheapo E-TTL flash cord. Exposure: f/19 for 0.3 sec @ ISO 3200. Color tweaks in Lightroom 3.


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